About us

    We are one big happy family… Four girls and we better don’t count the dogs… there are too many … or too few???

     It all began when we got ourselves the same breed, the poodles. Thanks to them we met and got to know each other. It was a long time ago and our first dogs are already sleeping in the dogs’ heaven…

     The poodles are so cute  we call them half-men. We remained faithful to them and today we are again enjoying the company of our poodle beauties.  

    The first of us, Vierka Badurova is a very nice girl, she is our sunshine. Her dog is the miniature poodle Beetle Bask Velvet Garden.  

     The second one,  Lubka Kremserova is the owner of the miniature poodle called Little Lucien Naky. They are both very good sportsmen and fans of Dog agility.   

     And as the apple does not fall far from the tree her daughter Kristinka is very like her mum and a sport lover.

    Therefore she got herself the miniature poodle bitch called Busy Bee Prague Haley, to train for the dog agility with. 

    Lubka and Kristinka have another two poodles without pedigree at home called Felix Hacaj and Cheek Kremser.

     The last but not least it is me, Zuzana Suchonova. I have two poodles, one standard black called Elton Black Mi-Ja-Box and the toy poodle     called A.J. First Great Bohemia. I own a dog hair saloon and I take care of the all our dogs image and design J

     As we are like a family we also go together to shows, exhibitions and other events. We are always feeling fine, having good fun and meeting many new people. And of course we are always accompanied by our shiny happy poodles…